The following review was done by Mark Cones. I am grateful to him for allowing me to reproduce it here. NOTE - clicking on an image will bring up a larger view in a new window.

Manufacturer:- www.timefactors.com
Purchase Price :- $720 / £450
Size:- The bezel is 44 mm ø, 54mm lug to lug and 15.6mm thick to the top of the crystal.
Lug spacing is 22 mm.
Weight :- 265g (Watch head is approx 140g)
Movement:- ETA2824-2T (Top) with decoration and chronometer rated to DIN standard
Case Material:- 316L Stainless Steel
Bracelet Material:- 316L Stainless Steel
lens Material:- Domed Sapphire Crystal with anti reflective coating on the underside
Dial Markings :- Super Luminova
Depth Rating:- 500m
Anti Magnetic :- 30000 A/m

Now if you read the Omega Seamaster Pro Chrono review first you will see the sweeping statement about it being a seriously large watch. Well THIS watch needs a whole new category defining for it!

I have a love for dive watches and am always interested in looking at new designs and old classics on the net. My interest was sparked by reading the Clive Cussler novels and the references to the orange faced Doxa dive watch that the hero Dirk Pitt wears. I strongly resisted the urge to buy a Doxa watch after they started to reissue it. This was possibly a wise choice as their limited run of 1000 watches has turned into several limited runs of the same watch with only minor variations to the design. I will probably still end up with one though at the right price.

Well I found the www.timefactors.com website after looking for various watch sites on the net. I liked the range of watches on sale and decided to buy a Seiko Diver (See review on this site). It was about this time that I noticed that the Speedbird PRS1 (Eddies first watch design) watch was coming available. Not being a dive watch my interest was not as strong as it should have been! I am now kicking myself for not buying one when I had the chance. Well my time now became spent on other things and looking for watches did not become my number one interest. Well it soon changed when casually browsing the forums I came across the details of a proposed new dive watch from Eddie Platts. This watch had absolutely everything you could wish in my opinion for in a dive watch. But that was not only the best part about it, this was to be a truly limited one off production run of only 200 watches. The watch was designed to be offered to all of the existing PRS1 Speedbird owners FIRST. Any that were left over after this would be sold on a first come first served basis. I found out about this about a week after the pre-order process started to become available. I was not too hopeful of getting one as many people seemed to have registered to buy one. I had an E-mail from Eddie to indeed tell me that I had not made the cut. :-(

But joy of joys several days later another e-mail to say that several people had pulled out and I was now on the top of the reserve list. Made my day I can tell you. :-)

So I am now the proud owner of PRS2 Dreadnought number 024 of 200.

So what do you get for the sum of £450? well the watch came with the following other items.

1.) Copies of the original design drawings for the case and bezel
2.) The history of the Dreadnought ships and nuclear submarine
3.) Timefactors Dreadnought instructions
4.) A Rhino strap
5.) A screwdriver set of 3 for adjusting/removing the supplied strap
6.) Spare link pins for the stainless steel strap
7.) A Timefactors watch polishing cloth
8.) Timefactors dog tag
9.) A LARGE polished hardwood box

The watch box was a nice surprise. I have more expensive watches (Omega SMP Chrono) that don't come in such a nice box.

The watch is supplied on a stainless steel 5 link bracelet band. This was way oversize for my slim wrist so I had to remove 4 links from it. (I originally removed 5 links but realised that it was starting to cut off the circulation to my hand :-) ) This is easy to do with the supplied tools which is a very nice touch.

The Dreadnought does weigh more than any other wristwatch I have ever seen! But their are probably heavier watches out their somewhere. I do not find this a problem though as it is balanced by the heavy bracelet and many of my other watches are not exactly light.

A Nylon Rhino strap is also provided which is probably going to make it about 125g lighter. This may suit some people better. I have not tried this out yet but probably will after wearing the steel band for few weeks.

The first thing that strikes you when you look at the watch is the design of the face. It's the large orange minute hand and 12 hour marker that really make it stand out from the crowd.

The dial is simple and uncluttered with just a small black date window at the 6 o'clock position. The second hand is hand is completely black except for the luminous marker near the tip which makes it look as if it is floating round the dial.

Two bits of writing are on the dial, the first is DREADNOUGHT which I think looks fantastic. The second is 'MADE IN GERMANY' at the bottom of the dial. This may make you wonder of the origins of the watch so more on this later.

The dial is covered with a domed sapphire crystal which is anti reflection coated on the underside only. This gives a very clear view of the dial but it is so shiny that it can still act as a mirror especially with the black background of the dial. I like sapphire crystal though as it is almost completely resistant to everyday wear scratches. If you are going to break it then it will normally do so in a big way and you would want it replacing anyway. It can also make taking good photos of the watch a lot more difficult so please excuse the reflected bits :-)

The hands and dial markings are coated with Super Luminova which gives a terrific night time glow, although they are still not as bright as my Seiko diver.

The case of the watch is a Monster of design. I suppose partly to the 500m depth rating. The bezel is unidirectional and clicks round the dial at 1 minute intervals. It also lines up perfectly with the hour and minute markers. The screw down crown is protected by the massive case protrusion. I thought this might dig into my wrist but because the case has a deep screw on back, it raises this away and is in fact very comfortable.

The case is a matt finish which is I think caused by bead blasting. Not to sure how this will wear over time, or how it can be restored if it gets scuffed. But it does look very smart and and understated. If this was all shiny it would not look anywhere near as good.

The case back is engraved with the model no, depth rating, anti magnetic rating and the words certified chronometer. This means that the watch time regulation is tested against a DIN 8319/ ISO 3159 standard and the watch is supplied with a certificate to show this testing an how the watch has performed. This is done on a per watch basis so each watch will vary slightly. Placing the watch face up, face down, crown up crown down etc. a reading is taken for each position then averaged out. The figures for my watch are as follows -2,0,+1,+1,0 this gives an average of ZERO. This will make this the most accurate mechanical watch that I own. I will see how this holds up over the next few weeks.

As you can see from the Chronometer certificate this watch has been handled by the prominent master watchmaker Dirk Dornbluth. He carried out the assembly and the proofing of the watch see here for more info on them in the Dornbluth article.

The overall project has been managed by Walter Fricker who also made the case. They produce for people like Sinn, Kobold, Tutima amongst others. More info can be found here

The watch movement is a ETA 2824-2T (Top) with decoration. I have not opened the watch (nor do I intend to) as with all my other watches I would rather leave this to the professionals. Plus one of my friends is a master clockmaker. Though we rarely talk about watches our shared interest is RC Models .

The movement is self winding with hacking seconds and a quickset date. I find it easy to set the time accurately as the movement has a positive feel to it and does not jump or move when you press the crown in. My Omega is often difficult to set the minute hand to the correspond with the second hand on the first attempt.

So overall this is a fabulous watch at a very reasonable sum of money. Other equivalent watches dare I say Rolex Sea Dweller or the above mentioned Doxa have similar features but are both cost considerably more money and lets face it will never be available as a 200 set limited edition. That's not to say I would not like like to own those other two watches ;-). The Seiko Divers and such are also excellent but are produced in their thousands so will probably not be worth anything like this would be in a few years.

This will be a very hard act to follow and my next watch decision could be a long time coming. Looking forward to many years of big watch wearing fun.



OK, now hopefully your interested where can you get one? Well you may struggle as this is a limited run of only 200 watches. But some may come available second hand on ebay or such. There may be a non limited GMT version in the future. Don't hold your breath though.

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